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The real causes of hyperpigmentation

Most treatments for hyperpigmentation aim to inhibit melanin production but do not tackle the prevention of melanocytes effectively. We do things differently.

What is melanin?

Melanin is a substance that is naturally synthesized in the body. Responsible for the natural colour of the skin, melanin also provides protection against solar radiation. However, sometimes the skin can show uneven accumulations of melanin – making the skin look dull, irregular and blotchy.


What causes excessive melanin synthesis and irregular accumulations on the skin?

Not just solar radiation or hormonal changes. Other factors that can irritate the skin and stimulate excessive melanin synthesis include pollution, photosensitivity due to medication, acne, stress and poor nutrition.

The latest scientific discoveries reveal that if you want to tackle hyperpigmentation effectively it is important to identify the different causes of melanogenesis.

Recent studies have shown that our skin has a memory. Irritations and damage caused by the sun or other irritants, as described above, are cumulative. This means that damaged skin cells are negatively modified to work in an irregular manner, which causes premature ageing; such as dark spots on the skin.

Over time, cellular deterioration increases, damaging skin cell function – and should therefore be avoided. It is essential to protect the skin from sun radiation, and other factors that can harm the skin, whilst also repairing damage at the cellular level.

When studying hyperpigmentation processes, skin ageing also plays a role in the formation of dark spots. Recent discoveries have shown that ageing fibroblasts release melanin stimulating factors, which cause irregular skin discolourations. Addressing skin ageing is important to protect skin from hyperpigmentation.

Thanks to these discoveries, new processes could be identified to address the problems of irregular hyperpigmentation. Casmara now offers cutting-edge treatments to repair the processes involved in the original cause of irregular melanin formation, whilst providing further protection against and slowing down premature ageing.


Nacar Treatment


The advanced NÁCAR treatment works beyond the epidermis alone. The treatment focuses on a broad spectrum of factors that trigger melanin synthesis, dark spots and irregular skin tone. It is a complex, innovative, anti-ageing and clarifying treatment with an ultra-modern formula based on a new generation of acids and advanced liposomal technologies that includes anti-melanogenic, innovative, anti-irritating and protective aspects. Active ingredients, which act on an important process in the skin to address the origin of irregular accumulations of melanin on the skin. Advance Nácar offers a turning point in irregular hyperpigmentation, thanks to the fusion of technologically advanced active ingredients. Formulated with innovative, exfoliating, anti-melanogenic, depigmentation and active anti-ageing ingredients. A true key combination that lightens the superficial layer of dark spots in the skin. They also help accelerate skin renewal, improving the overall condition of the skin. All this is caused by external factors that contain unique formulas for a radiant skin, wrapped in a beautiful wreath of light.

Exclusieve high tech Lightening/clarifying collection

An exclusive high-tech cosmetics line that combines a day and night ritual with anti-aging, with a brightening and illuminating effect on the skin. Treats and prevents dark spots, lightens the face and reduces wrinkles and expression lines thanks to the blend of next-generation acids and the latest technology, for extraordinary results. The advanced technology and exclusive combination of highly innovative and potent active ingredients effectively fight hyperpigmentation from the outset and block all processes that cause dark spots.



Tone-up cream – Flash effect lightener

A moisturizing and restorative brightening cream with flash effect. An innovative cream that softens and smoothes the skin, instantly brightens the skin on the face and provides moisturizing and restorative benefits. Specially developed for skin with irregular pigmentation. Lightens and brightens the skin, minimizes pores and imperfections, conceals redness, evens the complexion, softens and moisturizes.


Clarifying anti-ageing cream SPF50

Een verhelderende en huidoplichtende anti-aging crème die donkere vlekken corrigeert, verzacht en tegengaat, terwijl tegelijkertijd fotoveroudering wordt bestreden. Geeft het gezicht een glow van perfectie vanaf de eerste toepassing. Een innovatieve formule met een snel geabsorbeerde vloeibare textuur die herstelt, verheldert, beschermt, oplicht, de tekenen van veroudering bestrijdt, de huidtint egaliseert en het gezicht vanaf de eerste toepassing intens oplicht.


Clarifying concentrated serum

Een geconcentreerde verhelderende en perfectionerende chemische peeling die donkere vlekken corrigeert, de toon egaliseert, helderder maakt en tekenen van veroudering vervaagt. Combineer de nieuwste depigmenteringstechnologie op basis van krachtige zuren met de meest geavanceerde liposomale technologie. Werkt op een onregelmatige pigmentatie, terwijl de hydratatie en elasticiteit van de huid verbeteren en rimpels verzachten. Een revolutionair serum met gelstructuur en actief exfoliërende ingrediënten bij een lage irritatiegraad.